10 Destinations to Enjoy Luxury Holidays with Your Friends

singapore and merlion
Friends on a Luxury Holiday

Luxury Holidays with Friends

There is nothing like going on a trip with a big group of friends. A good chance to put the weight of daily responsibilities behind and look forward to nothing but good times ahead. A luxurious trip with your friends will not only give you memories to cherish forever but reasons both silly and serious to conquer a journey for a healthiest, powerful and most positive things to add to your relationship.

Here are 10 destinations we feel you must go with your friends to strengthen that invincible bond of love and craziness.

  1. United Arab Emirates:

    You are bound to get zapped by the richness of UAE the moment you land. To start your day off begin with iconic Dubai Mall. Spread over 13 million square foot, and with over 1,200 stores, Dubai Mall is a world in itself. The magnificent Burj Khalifa clearly defines Dubai’s essence – growth, grandeur and wealth. The entry to At the Top observation deck at Burj Khalifa can be booked online (for 125 Dirhams per adult) as well as bought at the entrance. The popularDesert Safari is bundle of fun, adventure, culture, food and entertainment packed together, an exciting activity to experience with friends!

  1. Singapore:

    From Gardens by Bay to Merlion Park, Singapore, with its pristine beauty and allurement boasts of being one of the highest visited countries in the world. Be it for shopping, leisure tours or recreational holidays, the country serves as a popular host among its visitors. A must-go luxurious trip with your friends.

  1. Malaysia:

    A trip not only to Petronas Twin Towers and Redang Island, Malaysia is known for its turquoise waters, stunning beaches, pleasant climate and picturesque tourist destinations. Divided into three sections; the Wild West, World of Adventure and Waters of Africa, a day out in Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia’s premier theme park is a fun-filled encounter to remember! It’s really hard to find any dull moments in Malaysia, when you go there with a bunch of your best buddies.

  1. Hong Kong:

    A perfect place to go for Adventure Sports, Recreational Visits, Local Sightseeing, Local Shopping, and Wildlife Tours Hong Kong is a fantasy land for the kids, which is also known for its grooviness and electrifying atmosphere. Holding its cultural and traditional values intact to its history, the whole of the country is considered ideal for the tourists.

  1. Seychelles:

    Making a trip to Seychelles’s Mahe Island, Anse Kerlan, Baie Lazare, Victoria, La Passe, and Anse Louis with friends is the best thing you can do. Located amidst the Indian Ocean, this African country is basically an island nation. Formed by more than 100 islands, Seychelles is known for its natural beauty, stunning range of beaches and other offerings.

  1. Turkey:

    If you are looking for a perfect trip full of Beach Vacations, Leisure and Fun Cruises, Religious & Cultural Tours, then Turkey should be on top of your bucket list. With tourist spots like Istanbul, Turkey is amongst the highest famed tourist spots in the world. Promoting health, historical, cultural and leisure tourism, Turkey boasts of being the 6th most popular destinations in the world.

  1. Lebanon:

    Lebanon is one of the most ancient countries in the world, adorned by rich and diversified history. Representing and encouraging unity in diversity, this scenic country is known for its intriguing architecture, scenic beauty and plenitude of World Heritage Sites.

  1. Taiwan:

    Located only 180km from the Mainland of China, Taiwan is also known as ‘Formosa’ and is known for its heart throbbing beauty. Bordered by Japan and Philippines, this island nation is the home to some of the electronic giants in the world and is gaining fame as an international tourist destination. Some of its must visit places are Taipei, Taroko National Park, Anping, Caoling, Dajia, Dasi, Jiaoxi, Jinguashi.

  1. Russia:

    Russia is by far the most beautiful and most loved destination by tourists in the world. Famously known for its diverse cultures, authenticity, traditions and foods, Russia promotes natural tourism to the highest level. Don’t forget to visit Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Samara, Novgorod Veliky, Kaliningard, while you are there.

  2. Egypt:

    A country where wonderment never ceases, Egypt is a true treasure trove for the visitors. Laced with its immortal history, culture and fascinating tales, tourism plays an important role in Egypt’s economy. Some of the must visits are Cairo, Alexandria, Giza Necropolis, Dahab, Luxor, Sharm el-Sheikh, Luxor, Dahshur, and Hurghada.

Most of the time, planning a trip with your friends is the most fun thing than taking the trip itself, but we assure, you won’t be able to resist yourself from taking a luxuries trip to one of these places with your buddies. We know memories are most cherished when shared with your best friends.



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