5 Must Have Android Applications for Your Smartphone

Before discussing about the 5 must have android applications for your smartphone, you need to know why it is important to know them. It goes without saying that technology has changed a lot in our time. Information that was only available to chosen communities is now openly available on internet and this makes our life much better. In the past, if you wanted to know the capital of Honduras, you will ask your schoolteacher or someone in your friends circle, who is regarded as the genius among the group. If nobody knows the answer, you will walk to a library and open the encyclopaedia to find the answer.

Encyclopaedias were very expensive and were a pricey possession. If you were not a knowledge hunter, investing in an encyclopaedia never made sense and for any information required, you will end up walking to a library. However, thanks to the internet, things have changed dramatically. In today’s world, the answer to every question of yours is immediately shown on your screen by the magic answering expert called ‘Google.’ With android, many good things of internet are available on your Smartphone too. Owning a Smartphone doesn’t make any sense as long as you don’t know how to get the most out of it.

#1: Pocket – a must have android app for the fashion savvy

Pocket: Must Have App

image courtesy: indianexpress

Pocket is the most important application for you a fashion savvy because Pocket can covert long articles into simple text format that are easy to read. For example, let’s say that you are surfing our blog on your way to office but you don’t have time to read the entire article about the latest shoe trends. Pocket helps you to save this article to read later and you can access it offline!

#2: Stitcher Radio

Stitcher Radio: Must Have App

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Ever bored of listening to a single radio host the entire day? Want to surprise your friends in the next party by playing tracks that are never heard of? Then switch to Stitcher Radio, the single source access to thousands of radio channels. Apart from the great variety of tracks, you will also learn about new musicians and music trends. Staying updated this way definitely gives you an edge in your friends circle.

#3: Calorie Calculator

Calorie Calculator: Must Have App

image courtesy: media.bestofmicro

If you want to shine in those trendy cloths, you should stay well within your permitted dimensions. A few extra pounds on your waist and other wrong parts of your body will affect your good looks in trendy cloths. So download About’s calorie calculator for android phones. This application will help you to calculate your daily calorie intake and ensure that you stay within your limits.

#4: ESPN Sports Scorer

ESPN Sports Scorer: Must Have App

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There are many sports score application on the internet but if you want the most sophisticated one among all, ESPN sports scorer is your choice. You can access many useful online game cast links with this application.

#5: Current Caller ID

Current Caller ID: Must Have App

image courtesy: phandroid

One of the biggest problems with latest smartphones is calls from unknown people. Since your contact list can only show the people that you know, it is a smart idea to have an application that can show the caller from an unknown number. This is exactly what the current caller ID does! Current caller ID helps you to identify telemarketers and other spam calls so that you can block them straight away.

If you are a technical savvy android phone user, these are the 5 applications that your android phone must have. These applications will help you to manage your tasks better and be organized, thus use your Smartphone to its fullest potential.



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