5 Tech Gadgets That Every Woman Should Carry

They say women are not as enthusiastic as men when it comes to gadgets. This statement may be true a few years back but technology has become an inevitable part of everyone’s life and there are quite a few gadgets that can bless the tech savvy woman.

#1: Kindle

Kindle - Top Gadget for Women

image courtesy: soloventaslibre

It is an indisputable fact that women read more than men. Women loves to read romance novels, fiction and pretty much anything that holds some literature value but it was easy for men to brand them as bookworms till the date Amazon introduced Kindle. With kindle, you can say goodbye to your paperbacks and mighty bookshelves in your living room because thousands of books can be stored into your favorite eBook reader while an additional memory card can assist you in storing more.

The single most advantage of switching to Amazon Kindle is coming out of the bookworm tag. A kindle is as stylish as any gadget and a woman that carries a Kindle with her has a personality. However, make sure that others understand that you are serious about your reading! This is why you should settle down for the Kindle paper white than the multi-color Kindle Fire because you have a Smartphone to do the job it is supposed to be. Your eBook reader is, well, for just reading and keeping it that way!

#2: Mac Air

Mac Air - Top Gadget for Women

image courtesy: appleinsider

When it comes to laptops, there is nothing that beats a Mac! With the Mac Air, things have become even better. If you are looking for a trendy laptop that will stay trendy for at least 3 years, then pick your Mac Air right away. One thing that you have to appreciate about Apple is their minimal changes in design cues. Once a product is launched, they try to keep it that way for at least a year but a latest model will not have many easily recognizable visual differences. If you are a lady that loves to stay trendy, then the latest Mac Air 2013 is a must have gadget in your collection.

#3: Bang and Olufsen BeoPlay H3 Earphones

Bang and Olufsen BeoPlay H3 Earphones

image courtesy: mblogthumb

OK, this may sound like an exaggerated gig. I mean, come ON! Most of us always get away with those free headphones given with our smartphones and a new earphone is just out of question. However, Bang and Olufsen BeoPlay H3 Earphones is not your ordinary earphone. Yes, I know their price is almost half of a Samsung S4 but considering their features, its money well spent! These earphones come with 23 air holes to ensure superior air circulation and the unique internal bass system ensures a unique music experience. If you are looking for the ultimate earphone, Bang and Olufsen BeoPlay H3 is the way to go!

#4: Razer Edge Pro Gaming Tablet

Razer Edge Pro Gaming Tablet

image courtesy: winphonemetro

Who told women don’t like to play games? There taste may be different but it’s unfair to say that women don’t like to play games. However, a good handheld gaming device was hard to be found in our market. Let me be honest here: Playstation Vita looks like an industry joke with its 5 inch screen. Unfortunately, nobody in the industry took a note of this except for Razer Edge Pro Gaming Tablet! With the 10” display and pepped up hardware, this is one serious gaming tablet that can be used as a computer as well!

#5: Samsung NX 300

Samsung NX 300 - Gadget for Women

image courtesy: rackcdn

A tech savvy, fashion inspired lady will never click photos on her Smartphone. Make sure that you live by this rule. Smartphones are for applications and making calls. If you want to click some nice snaps, get a camera, especially something good. Samsung NX 300 is the eye catcher in many image shows and tech gadgets because this stunning compact can click some seriously good looking snaps.



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