5 WWII stories with twisted endings better than your favourite mystery film

World War 2 Stories
Best 5 WWII stories

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Second World War will an always remain a significant event in history which influenced numerous casualties in different ways. Some of its sufferers had undergone losses such as deaths of family members while others lost all assets they possessed. What’s more, people who simply did not fit in the desired standards regarding race or sexuality were exposed to gruesome tortures which resulted in death. However, many stories are left untold and famous personas did took part in the war although their lives might took different courses than expected. These stories are incredible and deserve to be told.


  1. George Bush almost got eaten by Japanese soldiers on Bonin Islands

Having been young, inexperienced and only twenty years old, George Bush served in the navy as a pilot. This once-to-be-president of America could not dream of his life taking this turn as he was shot down during bombing raid. Nine pilots were the ones who managed to escape the damaged airplanes, but Bush was the only one to survive, waiting on the raft to be rescued by the Allies. Other soldiers were held in captivity and tortured which lead to their death. For the sake of a feast, their bodies were torn to pieces and served as a meal.


  1. Ernest Hemingway convinced French militia in his leadership skills

Hemingway was a reporter during WWII when encountered a group of French resistance fighters and decided he would make a perfect lead to them. Having convinced the group in his leadership abilities and having informed the US army to provide him with weapons, Hemingway was marching into some important cities entering even Ritz in Paris, mostly to set free bars so he could get drunk. Later, he was boasting about being the Ritz liberator.


  1. Audrie Hepburn resigned to eating nettles and tulip bulbs in order to survive

Hepburn was residing in Holland during 1944 when Nazi’s blocked the access the city during period which was known as ’Winter of Hunger’. It was impossible to get food or the needed supplies. This was when Audrey and her family were forced to eat nettles, grass which they used to boil and tulip bulbs in order to survive. She was affected by malnutrition and at the verge of death. Luckily, she made it to the end of the war, and became famous actress.


  1. Lenny Bruce, a famous comedian, was unstoppable in desire to leave navy

Having spent more than two years in the navy, Lenny Bruce, famous comedian, was determined in desire to leave navy and ready to take all the measures. Firstly, he contacted medical stuff pretending he was physically attracted to other soldiers, claiming that he will release sexual urges and perform acts on fellows. Surprisingly, this master plan worked out. Soon, he was discharged and moved to a place where it was not forbidden to enjoy homosexual company.


  1. Coco Chanel as a Nazi Spy

During Nazi’s occupation of France, majority of people were trying to stand up against their oppressors. Well, Coco Chanel definitely was not one of them. Instead, she was a lover of a Nazi, which eventually led to her becoming a Nazi spy. She was given a pseudo name-Westminster, and was given a task to travel around the world to enlist possible Nazi spies. After the war ended, Coco escaped to Switzerland with her lover and was spared death by Winston Churchill.



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