8 Top Keep Fit Tips for Lazy People

I’m guessing you clean your teeth at least twice a day, right? You do this religiously because at the back of your mind is an Empire State Building sized fear that if you don’t, your teeth will fall out, painfully, one by one. Well, neglecting your body by parking it on a chair, sofa or car seat and stuffing it with twice the calories you need is the equivalent of not brushing your teeth ever.

So how can lazy couch potatoes get fit?

1 Shop until you drop.

Shop till you drop

image Courtesy – Baltimore Sun

You might hate exercise like the plague but I bet you love shopping, don’t you? Believe it or not, walking around your local town centre or shopping mall is exercise, so do yourself a favour and shop until you drop. After all, walking is walking, wherever you do it.

2 Get a fitbit

fitness tracker - fitbit - Keep Fit Tips

image courtesty – consumer reports.org

Clocking up every step you take is a helluva motivator. Keep your fitbit with you even when you pop to the bathroom and without really trying, your daily total will creep up to the recommended 10,000 step mark and beyond. Invite friends to join your fitbit group – a little competition never hurt anyone.

3 Don’t slouch

Get fit by not slouching: Keep Fit Tips

image courtesy – graciediaries.blogspot

Are you someone who feels sick at the thought of gyms? Fine. Get fit in the comfort of your own home and I’m not talking treadmills or boot camp workouts here. Who says you have to slouch in an armchair while watching TV? Sitting down is overrated, trust me. Walk briskly10 times each way round your living room when the commercials come on. Or stretch, bend, hop, skip or jump. Mix it up, have some fun.

4 Home is the new gym

Home Gym: Keep Fit Tips

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If you can afford it, get a lean, lycra clad personal trainer to come to your house and put you through your paces there. Team up with some other gym averse pals to cut costs.

5 Get a dog

Unless you want the animal cruelty people on your case, you’d better take that dog for a walk because your furry friend definitely needs exercise even if you think you don’t. If getting a dog isn’t an option, take up a hobby which keeps your hands out of the biscuit tin – stamp collecting, playing the piano, crocheting…whatever.

5 Dancing Queen/King

Do you tap your feet to your favourite songs? You do, don’t you? Well, take it to the next level, get up and shake a leg, wiggle your hips, do a twirl. Just as there are many ways to skin a cat, there are hundreds of ways to get fitter and dancing is right up there as a super exercise.

6 Get that junk food out of reach

Junk Food out of Reach: Keep Fit Tips

image courtesy – Nutritionnews.abbott

If you really really can’t give up the cookies and snacks, for goodness sake, hide them on your highest shelf, far out of reach. At least then if you can’t resist them, you’ll have to stretch for them. A nice bowl of juicy fruit within easy reach might help too!

7 Stop making excuses

Excuse Don't Burn Calories: Keep Fit Tips

image via: quotefancy.com

‘It’s too hot, too cold, too…..whatever’. Make excuses at your peril. It’s your body remember and frankly you’ll only have yourself to blame if you don’t look after it. Harsh I know, but damn, it’s the truth. Excuses are like the devil, tempting you into a hellish underworld. Rise above them.

8 Reward yourself

I’m tough on the exercise deniers but ready to give the reluctant keep fitter a pat on the back for sustained effort. If you consistently hit 10,000 steps on your fitbit or you go down a jeans size or can run up the stairs without risking a heart attack, reward yourself. Hang on a minute, rewards don’t have to be sticky buns or mars bars. There are lots of ways you can treat yourself…a bit of blue sky thinking needed here.



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