How to Balance Family Time with Work Time

Family Time & Work Life Balance

Most people can barely socialize with their families because they feel tired after a long day of work. There are many ways to balance family time.

After dinner, people wash the dishes and watch TV and then they would go to bed. But before going to bed, You could use TV time to your advantage. Gather your family since a lot of people love to discuss what they see on TV so vocalize it to hear everyone else’s opinion and idea. This will create avenue to learn from one another as a family. Another means of spending the TV time is to bring out a chess or any board game and set it up on the dining table, or do something silly to make your family have a fun filled time.

The usual dialogue during dinner time would be about how everyone’s day was. As generic as it may be, there is need to inquire about how their day has been. For example, your daughter’s day was fine, but perhaps she has been thinking about asking a boy to a disco night party and needs some advice.

The typical mom would come home from work and immediately cook dinner for her family. Although her family greets her, it doesn’t count as family time. So why not make it quality time at the dining table? Prepare the dining table with a lovely table cloth and place mats. You could add a centrepiece such as a vase of flowers that you picked from your garden.

Saturday afternoon or Sunday tea time is your quality time if you still believe that you won’t have time for family. A couple of hours  might go a long way for you to end up learning so much about each other.

Sunday lunches is another means to spend time with each other. Division of labour method can be employed If your family lives elsewhere from you, make a big family lunch among yourselves. Get one person to bake a cake, another to prepare the dining table, another person to cook and another to attend to the entertainment. Afterwards you can gather everyone in the lounge, get comfortable on the lounge suite and start chatting.

Work  shouldn’t be thought of something that has nothing to do with family as it is a means of to support your family. Evening time should be the time when you balance out a long day of work with your family.