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Indoor Dogs
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Pets are the best of friends someone can have in their life for long. There are a number of pets to choose from but here are the best ones to keep indoors without much worry of damage or anything extreme.

  1. Dogs

They are definitely man’s best friend. They are truly loving and very cute. With proper training, they become disciplined and will not cause havoc. They do not tear up the carpet and whenever they want to pee, they will always signal you! Amazing, right? They are playful as they are protecting to you and your family. With a dog, you will never cease to have happy moments because they stick with you even when you are sad to comfort you. Great companions I may add! Get a dog now and experience this for yourself.

  1. Cats

Cats have a plus over dogs because they ensure that they clean themselves, they do not need you to take them for a walk either. They can be trained to do simple tricks because they are very playful. You can easily carry cats on your lap and most importantly, they are not loud hence won be a nuisance to your neighbors. With cats, you won’t need to escort them out to pee as they are more independent than dogs. They are quite convenient at the same time; you can travel and just leave them access to food without and having to worry how they would handle themselves.  If you want an indoor pet that is not stressful, you should definitely get a cat!

  1. Hamsters

Hamsters are very cheap and very easy to look after. They are cuddly and fuzzy and once they know you, they will never be afraid of you. They are nocturnal so there feeding is mostly at night. In addition to being cuddly, they are also cute and you can play around with them. It is best for them to have a wheel in their cages to help them be active.

  1. Guinea Pigs

They are very delightful if I might say and great for children too! They need as much attention as they need little work to keep. They are kind and very sweet. They seldom bite; only when sick or when they need to help themselves pee or poop. They are fun and cute and you should definitely get one for you or your kid.

  1. Turtles

They are very chilled and cool. They live for quite long time too! They need to be loved as they are very adorable. Not to mention, they are an endangered species so they need extra loving and caring too! Get yourself a turtle and you will have a good pet with you at home for quite some time.

  1. Fish

 Fish are very cheap and easy to handle. You do have to invest a lot of your time in them. The type of fish you get determines the level of fun you have. Fighting fishes are fun to play with as well as they are intriguing. A gold fish will always teach you how to be responsible.



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