Everything You Need to Know about Scott Eastwood’s Torturous Journey with Suicide Squad

scott eastwood acting journey

Suicide Squad is a 2016 American superhero film based on the DC Comics. When the premise of a major comic book blockbuster hinges on a collection of well-known villains, it goes without saying that fan speculation will be running as high as possible. Though Suicide Squad doesn’t keep up to the fans expectation but is not a total disaster, but it is yet another example of DC screwing up enough of its characters so that it doesn’t make for a cohesive whole. This movie is overcrowded and saved only by a few l good performances from its leads.

Every film deserves to be watched in a vacuum, but it’s hard to do that with Suicide Squad, whose production difficulties have become public knowledge in the past weeks. Once you know the tales of dueling edits and studio-mandated reshoots, you can see the scars on the film itself. You can see the movie David Ayer wanted to make and the movie that Warner Bros. ended up stitching together like a Frankenstein’s Monster. Perhaps the reason Suicide Squad feels like a desperate attempt to recreate the bizarre charms of Guardians of the Galaxy is because those trailers reminded so many people of James Gunn’s superhero space opera.

Before the release of the movie David Ayer managed to keep Scott’s character under wraps. He was one much talked about character from the movie as people were unable to guess his role. Scott Eastwood plays an important role in the movie. Eastwood stars as lieutenant, a member of military squad, the good man among a bunch of villains. This is Scott’s second film with director David Ayer after Fury. In an interview Scott revealed the difficulties he faced during the shoot of Suicide Squad.

According to Scott Eastwood the director called him directly for the role told him the story and without any second thought, without out going through the script he said a yes. He has an immense respect for David Ayer though he always knew it’s not an easy task to work with the perfectionist. David Ayer movies are always intense and to bring authenticity he can go to any extend. He believes strongly in putting the actor through training or some would call it torture, maybe. He doesn’t mind at all to torture his actors to bring the best in them. In suicide Squad as Scott’s playing a military man he had to undergo the torturous military training which is not at all an easy task. Scott Eastwood has so much faith in David that he was ready to go through anything that requires to justify his character in the movie.

After all these torturous trainings also Scott loves to work with David Ayer because the actor believes David exactly knows what he wants for his actors, how he wants to portray the characters isn’t afraid to tell when the actors are not doing it the way he wants a shot to be.



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