Ten Controversial Movie Posters That Caused Quite a Stir

Controversial Movie Posters Brokeback Mountain

Movie posters are the overall outlook of how a movie will look like in picture-form. They mostly are the things a person sees and decide whether it’s worth seeing as it gives a brief description of the film essentially the title, the actors, and when it will it is to be released in cinemas. They are supposed to be exciting and appealing to the eye thus making one want to see the movie. But some movie posters don’t achieve the purpose, they in fact cause an uproar. Some of these movie posters include:

Saw 2 poster

Saw Film Poster Controversial Movie

Image Courtesy – Sawfilms.Wikia

The poster for the horror movie Saw 2 caused quite an uproar from its fans because of the art. The poster showed the name saw and two bloodied fingers that were severely battered in a white background to indicate the second part of the sequel movie. The poster was not received well by their fans claiming that the picture grossed them out since on a closer look at the poster you would notice that the fingers were chopped off by the hand and not just protruding from the snow.


Shame Movie Poster

Image Courtesy – Beaut.IE

The poster was banned because it had used semen to write the word shame. This poster is super gross in so many ways and uncomfortable even look at also so inappropriate to children.

The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo

The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo Controversial Movie

Image Courtesy – IscreamSundae.com

This poster was a bit too sexual to its fans as the lead actress Rooney Mara showed a little much skin. Having her as a feminist, her fans did not like how the poster depicted her and what message it passed to teenagers. In the poster, a bit of her breast were out but covered by the actor’s hand.


Zack And Miri Make A Porno

Zack And Miri Make A Porno: Controversial Movie

Image Courtesy – CinemaMaterial.com

This movie’s poster is a very creative and safe when you glance it at first. But when you reach the bottom of the poster is where the trouble begins. The lower portion, the poster is showing the characters engaging in oral sex. Thus the poster was banned.


The Last Exorcism

The Last Exorcism: Controversial Movie

Image Courtesy – Impawards.com

This poster did not terrorize the public because of it being a horror movie; rather it terrorized them cause of the fact it showed that the lady in the film is sexually assaulted since in the poster she is seen with blood on her groin area.


The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid: Controversial Movie Poster

Image Courtesy – Disney.Wikia

This movie poster had a controversy because of the fact that the castles in the poster were like huge penises. It is claimed that as revenge, a fired employee drew a giant penis on Tristan castle.


The Hangover Part II

The Hangover Part II Controversial Movie Poster

Image Courtesy – Movieposter.com

The uproar on this poster was not because of the actors or the message the poster portrays rather it was about the tattoo on the face of one of the actors on the poster. The tattoo artist of that tattoo claimed that the Warner Bros stole his artwork and even sued them for damages.


Sin City: ‘A Dame To Kill For.’

Sin City: ‘A Dame To Kill For Movie Poster

Image Courtesy – Impawards.com

The poster was banned because so much was revealed by the actress on it. Eva green’s sheer dressed revealed so much that one could see her nipples.


The Room

The Room Movie Poster - Controversial

Image Courtesy – Theroommovie.com

This movie poster created a ‘what the f**k´ moment to most people as they could not understand what was going on the poster and could not necessarily say what the movie was about o the poster.



Tangled Movie Poster Controversial Movie

Image Courtesy – Tantherman88

The poster of this film had an issue with some of the feminists who thought the poster diminishes the role of Rapunzel since Disney changed it a little bit to be less princes focused and accumulate boys.



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