Top 10 Extremely Cool Retro Style Gifts

Top 10 Super Cool Retro Style Gifts

Many times in life, newer does not necessarily mean better. If you’ve looked around and failed to find the right gift for that special someone, maybe you’re looking in the wrong place-maybe you have to look back instead-back in time that is. The list we have below is our pick for the top 10 coolest retro style gifts that you can get for someone.

Vintage 3-Speed Turntable, $89.99

Vintage 3 Speed Turntable - Retro Style Gifts

If you want somebody to remember you, speak to their heart; and nothing speaks to the heart louder than music. This retro style turntable by Gadhouse may be just the thing that you have been looking for if you or the people you want the gift for are into music.

Not only does it come with three speeds that incorporate even 78 revs per minute, there are a few modern tweaks and additions that help add to the experience of using these, by merging the best of both worlds.

For example, there is an auxiliary jack included for those who may want to add an external device to ramp up the sound. Then there is the Bluetooth functionality that enables you to stream from any enabled device.

Retro Compact Refrigerator $126.15

Retro Compact Refrigerator - Cool Retro Gift

Every aspect of this mini-refrigerator from Igloo will instantly evoke memories of every time you passed by a local gas station, right down to the vintage looking. This is true right down to the quaint bottle opener bolted flus to its side.

The small and compact size makes it perfect addition to any garage, shop or entertainment area. The 1.6 cubic feet of space and ice cube tray that comes with it makes it appropriate for light stocking and minor ice needs.

Igloo, the manufacturer, has been in business since 1947, and the inspiration for the retro design comes directly from the company’s own storied history.

Retro Cottage Quartz Square Table Clock, $20.44

Retro Cottage Quartz Square Table Clock

The manufacturers of these retro style quartz table clocks went out of their way to make your retro experience as authentic as possible.

All models of these clocks come with a distressed finish, including even tiny irregular chips in the paint to go with the slight but evident discoloration on the clock face.

They come in several different colours, and have a one-year guarantee from the manufacturers, so that you feel even more confident and assured as you embark on your retro experience.

Retro Best in Class Stereo Monitor Headphones $124.54

Retro Stereo Monitor Headphones

If you are in search of a classically cool look, then over the ear headphones are where it’s at. Plus, their sound is second to none. Ear buds are fine-of course-every once in a while…maybe if you are out on a jog and need to feel the wind around your head. This is entirely our opinion, of course but after taking a look at these stereo headphones, who wouldn’t agree?

The classic design melds the retro and the new by bringing modern electronics in contact with the old school design. Huge 40mm drivers are responsible for the delightful sound of the phones which come in seven different colours that include white, black, salmon, avocado, and candy apple red.

VFAN Whole Room Air Circulator, $99.99

Retro Whole Room Air-circulator

The look of the real Vornado fan is timeless, apparently set to stay with us since its introduction in 1945. This has mainly to do with the superior airflow.

The brilliant reproduction of this classic look by the manufacturers of the VFAN Whole Room Circulator is the perfect addition to any room you put it because of its superior performance and aesthetics.

There a quite a few colours available for this retro unit. Plus, if your target is a larger area, there is a full size pedestal-mounted version available for just such occasions. The 5-year limited warranty offered is also a plus and speaks volumes about the attention put into building this product.

Retro Camera Replica, $159.00

Retro Camera Replica

These would be a worthwhile acquisition for any photography buff or enthusiast. This camera does not work unfortunately, given how it is to lay hands on photographic plates these days.

That notwithstanding, this camera replica which is made from cast aluminium and antique brown finished wood would add a touch of class and provide depth to any setting it finds itself.

Coronado Vintage Style AM/FM Radio, $18.56

coronado Vintage Style FM Radio

This 1950s style-style portable radio from Coronado will not fail to evoke memories. If you have ever lived in a tree house or hung out with your friends as a kid at the malt shop or the street corner, then this retro-style radio is something you are going to love. This is the modern era, and there is no shortage of sources for music and information, however nothing we have now looks quite as cute as this AM/FM radio.

It comes with period accurate volume and tuning knobs and even sports a working antenna. It requires just three AA batteries to operate. For old time’s sake, you could set the knobs to your local station and leaving them there permanently.

Retro Series Microwave Oven, $89.99

Retro Series Microwave Oven

Coming off a conveyor belt of similarly retro designs from the manufacturers Nostalgic Electronics, this microwave is easy on the eyes thanks to the elegant design. This is more than can be said for what they purport to be as a truly retro microwave would be square, ugly, and as large as a tool shed.

This is a cool re-invention and if you decide to go for it, Nostalgic Electronics have a host of accessories available to help make your experience even more fulfilling.

Old Cigarette Lighter Windproof Trench Lighters, $23.36

Old Cigarette Lighter Windproof Trench Lighters

Lighters are common gift item so this represents a step in the right direction. However, if you truly want to stand out you can’t give just any old lighter.

This retro lighter would make its user stand out immediately, prompting stares of admiration. It can be refilled manually with standard lighter fluid, and takes standard wicks and flints. Its components are made of durable brass and stainless steel, lending it the ideal weight to double as a key-holder if you so desired.

Telephone Handset Receiver, $14.99

Telephone Handset Receiver: A good gift

In our modern day and age, nothing says retro more than an old-fashioned telephone receiver-you know the type-the banana shaped handle.

You don’t have to give up your smart phones for this though since it comes with a jack. It can even be used to make VoIP calls via Skype and has a dial to adjust volume levels.

It’s hard to imagine this image no longer comes to mind when the word telephone is heard.


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