Top 10 Reasons To Move To The Uk

In 2015 over half a million people acted on the decision to move to the UK for one reason or the other. If after contemplating the prospect of football and cricket you are still scratching your head at that number, we have a list compiled to fill you in on exactly why so many people are moving to the UK. You may have already thought about moving to the UK yourself but still need that extra prod. Whatever the case may be we’ve got you covered. Here is our list of the top 10 reasons to move to the UK.

  1. Rich History

Photo Credit: English Heritage

The history of the British Isles goes back millennia. From pre-historic times through antiquity to the contemporary period, to live in the UK is to live side by side with history. There have been many momentous events that have shaped the very essence of the UK, events such as the Roman occupation, the Norman conquests, the signing of the Magna Carta, the Protestant Reformation, the life of Shakespeare, the restoration of the Monarchy, the Industrial Revolution, the rise of the British Empire among many others. Like yeast among spreading through bread, evidence of this history pervades every aspect of life in the UK from architecture and culture, to the food and language. There are lots of wondrous things to be found in a British museum

  1. Jobs

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With an advanced and diversified economy comes opportunity, and there are not many economies more advanced and diversified than that of the UK. The sheer prevalence of metropolitan centres ensures that there are many job opportunities available in a wide range of fields. Being an advanced economy, one would expect a wide range of skills to be in demand, and many expats have been able to be gainfully employed especially in high-tech and cutting edge fields such as computer programming and finance.

  1. London

Photo Credit: Time Out

The world’s largest city, and among the oldest, London is truly a place of wonder in many respects. From a social point of view there is a vibrant social scene and one is never at a loss on what to do. From the point of view of finance, London is as close to the heart as you can get, outpaced in many respects only by the New York as the financial capital of the world. Culturally and aesthetically, there are a lot of sites to visit. The very cosmopolitan nature of the town leaves it teeming with life, making it very easy to find employment for those who choose to settle there.

  1. Politeness

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If there is one thing the Brits are known for, it’s their politeness. From a very early age kids are taught to say their “please” and “thank yous” and it is customary to hear people in the UK apologise profusely for all sorts of laughably minor offensive. Unlike in many parts of the world, those in the UK will hide the way the way they truly feel about you or your actions if they feel there were no polite way to offer criticism. There are not many places were you get this sort of treatment.

  1. British Humour

Photo Credit: Lexiophiles

Along with their legendary politeness comes the famed dry humour of the people in the UK. This dry, deadpan, tongue-in-cheek, and all round sarcastic wit can be seen everywhere and is a true trademark of the British. It has produced some of the most memorable comedy television programs and also inspired some of the most iconic comedic talent as well such as Sarah Millican, Jimmy Carr, and Jake Whitehall.

  1. Education

Photo Credit: University of Oxford

Another top reason why you should move to the UK is the sheer opportunity present in terms of education. Centuries old institutions like the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge are already world famous and perennially rank among the very best universities in the world, and according to the Times Higher Education 2016-2017 World University Rankings they rank 1st and 4th respectively. Stellar providers of secondary education exist as well in the institutions of Eton and Harrow. Not everyone gets into these institutions however, and you may be more interested in the many other stellar institutions like the University of Edinburg, London Metropolitan University, Imperial College London, among others who are charged with providing adequately trained talent to feed the ever hungry job market and fast moving economy of the UK.

  1. Health Care

Photo Credit: Helsenorge

The National Health Service (NHS) is constantly under a lot of strain, threatening to overflow its banks. It’s not difficult to see why: the NHS offers free healthcare, including emergency care, to all those ordinarily resident in the UK. And that includes expatriates. If there ever was a top reason to pack your bags and move to the UK, this is it.

  1. The Food and the Pubs

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There is nothing like the atmosphere of an English pub anywhere else in the world. The low key atmosphere, with its unique blend of camaraderie and joie de vivre is entirely unique. Add unto that a nice dose of sporting events on the television, and affordable prices for beer and food and what you have is a winning combination that is sure to bring smiles to the faces of all who visit. It has long been touted that food in the UK is among the worst in Europe, but that is no longer the case. Cities like London and Edinburg have established themselves on the cutting edge of the culinary scene, and possess some of the best and most exciting restaurants in the world.

  1. Holidays

Photo Credit: The Mummy Blogger

How do 28 compulsory days of paid leave per year sound? Great? We think so too! Among the strong reasons to work in the UK the holidays mandated by law among which are the 28 days of paid leave per year. There are also 9 unpaid bank holidays and the British still hold on to the practise of closing up shop over the Christmas through New Year. This offers a chance for lots of travel for those in the mood.

  1. The Royal Family

Photo Credit: The Daily Buzz

The most famous family in the world is British, and resides in the UK. The Royal Family add a sense of grandeur to all things British and this adds to the flavour of the isles. Thus a good reason to move to the UK is thus the fact that you will be in good company! And that is a good thing, all day any day.



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