Top 10 Things to Do When You Are Bored

Things to do when bored

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Sometimes you can get bored out of your mind right? Not knowing what to do when you’re bored is quite a headache to me, am sure it is exactly the same to you. Just read through to see some of the thing you can do to pass this time, to avoid losing your mind due to boredom.

  1. Sleep

As you sleep, time passes by quickly and you also get well rested as a bonus. Sleep is my all time favorite thing to do as it does not need energy and is the easiest activity loved by many people out there. So any day you get too bored out of your mind, get a blanket and close your eyes and see how time flies!

  1. Read a novel

Having a novel with you is always a life saver! When reading through a novel of a genre you love, you may easily get lost in the book and forget all the boredom you were going though. A good story will not only sharpen your literature skills but also keep your mind off boredom and pass time constructively. So you should try investing in a good book that will play a huge role in cutting you boredom short.

  1. Solve a puzzle

Use your brain to solve various different puzzles you have, for example crossword puzzles. This is usually a fun way of engaging your brain while passing time. Puzzles require concentration and time and I am sure if you can get a number of them, you will never have to cry of boredom again!

  1. Start a kitchen garden

Get some soil, cans and plants and start getting dirty. It is high time you start planting some things that you love eating at home at a kitchen garden that will every time ensure delicious cheap meals at home for you and your family. This is a constructive activity as well as a time consuming. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty!

  1. Paint your jewelry and keys with nail polish

This will ensure your jewelry does not chip fast and remains sparkly. It will also be easier for you to identify which key is for which place if you use different colors for each key. Well, I’d be lying if I said that this won’t help to keep you preoccupied.

  1. Arrange your books.

Having time on your hands is good because you can now arrange your books by genre, alphabetical order or how you see fit! This will make your reading life a whole lot easier. You will even forget why you were bored in the first place.

  1. Work- out

This is definitely one of my favorites! Brace yourself and find a work-out routine that best fits you. As you get healthier and fit, your boredom is crumbled. Who wouldn’t like to have a killer body just by working out anytime you bored!

  1. Listen to music

Am sure there are quite a number of songs you love out there. Whenever you feel like time is moving too slowly, create a playlist, sit down and just let the beat and rhythm take over you.

  1. Take a walk

Sitting or just lounging around on your couch will always get boring. Try taking a long walk around the neighborhood for fitness purposes as well as passing time.

  1. Watch a movie.

Download the latest movie on the internet and watch till your boredom fades away. Movies are interesting and time consuming so they are bound to keep you company and lighten your mood.



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