Top 10 Uk Fashion Brands That We All Love

Top 10 Uk Fashion Brands That We All Love

When it comes to fashion, indifference is the enemy-for brands that is. In the high-paced, constantly evolving world of fashion, one thing is certain: whoever can inspire the most devotion and passion in the collective heart of the fashion conscious public rules. In our modern age, for a fashion brand to rise to the top of the cream pile, it must conquer Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and so on.

In other words, it has got to be front and center, before us the admiring public, all day every day.

Other brands we may love because they have been around for what seems forever, and in that way we have come to love and trust them for the good work that they do regardless of an otherwise not-too-impressive social media presence.

We either love you or we don’t. So which are the 10 UK brands which we absolutely cannot do without?

Which brands make up the top 10 UK brands we all love? Read our list to find out.

  1. Burberry

Photo Credit: The Gentleman’s Journal

Easily one of the most recognisable brands in the entire world, Burberry has grown from strength to strength ever since Thomas Burberry took a bold step to start business in 1856.

Constant innovation is an absolute necessity for growth and longevity in business, and Burberry bears this out. Their all gender shows are an example of this that has been going on for seasons-but a more recent example would be Burberry’s early adoption of the See now Buy now model of fashion retail that allows fans and admirers to get their hands on items immediately after they appear on the runway.

  1. Clarks

Photo Credit: The Idle Man

Who doesn’t love Clarks? For many of us, the first encounter with Clarks was when mom would drag us to the store a week before the summer was up to get us a shoe for the upcoming school year.

Now that we are able to appreciate and separate the great from the good, we can better appreciate Clarks for the classic and pioneering brand that it actually is.

Founded by Cyrus and James Clark in 1825, Clarks paved the way for many of our most beloved shoe brands and styles in the UK, not least among which we have the Desert Boot that was popularised and engraved into UK pop culture by celebrities in the 80s and 90s

  1. Whistles

Photo Credit: Fashionista

When you count the Duchess of Cambridge among your fans, you know you are doing something right. Whistle has built a reputation for stocking up on on-trend, smart, intelligently designed pieces with an air of timeless, high fashion aesthetic. They are the modern day professional’s dream.

Founded in 1978, this contemporary fashion brand used to be exclusively focused on catering to the fashion needs of women, but in September 2014 all that changed with the introduction of their debut  men’s collection.

According to a review in The Independent, the debut men’s collection was “A tightly edited wardrobe of classic pieces, the collection focuses on longevity and quality rather than flash-in-the-pan trends.”

  1. Hardy Amies

Photo Credit: The Gentleman’s Journal

Hardy Amies is practically synonymous with Savile Row. Founded in 1945 by the esteemed Hardy Amies, this is a brand with a very proud and distinguished history. Indeed Hardy Amies himself was known during his time as the official dressmaker for Queen Elizabeth II. Recognised worldwide for their quality, they are one of the most trusted tailors in the entire world. And this comes as no surprise: when you count the British Royal Family among your admirers, anybody who buys wares from your brand knows they are in good company.

Hardy Amies oozes effortless, almost careless, refinement and a distinct British flair-a trait that is reflected in these words by the founder, “A man should look as if he had bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care, and then forgotten all about them”

  1. Pringle of Scotland

Photo Credit: Pop Sugar

A dressmaker to British and Hollywood Royalty, Pringle of Scotland has a lot to raise their heads up high for. But this does not that they are resting on the laurels of their 200 year history. Pringle of Scotland has always been known for their innovative take on fashion; an identity that has always seen them at the forefront of the industry and our collective hearts. Founded in 1815 by Robert Pringle they are easily one of the oldest luxury fashion brands in the world, and are renowned as pioneers in the creation of cashmere designs that showcased the twinset, and Scottish argyle designs that are loved by celebrities worldwide to this day. Notable fans in the past have included: Grace Kelly, Jean Simmons and Brigitte Bardot

  1. Missguided

Photo Credit: Fashionista

So you are looking to build the ultimate party wardrobe? Missguided will be the brand of your dreams. Known for a focus on ultra-trendy wear, they have quickly become the go-to destination for would be WAGs and those in love with the night scene and are in search of the perfect head-turning outfit. From sheer panelled bodycon dresses to ultra-short denim cut-offs, if you are looking to build a party wardrobe that will not send your budget to the ICU then you know where to go.

  1. Paul Smith

Photo Credit: The Gentleman’s Journal

One of the most successful fashion brands in Britain, nay, the world, Paul Smith is a brand named after its founder, and honed for success by his idiosyncratic take on traditional British fashion. It is this willingness to see the ordinary in ever fresh and bold ways that have led to their favoured slogan “Classic with a twist”. Since its founding in 1970, Paul Smith has grown from one shop to over 300 in over 66 countries. 17 of those shops can be found in England which is just as well since according to the founder, “We’re a leading and uniquely British brand,”

  1. New Look

Photo Credit: Fashionista

New Look is a fashion brand we love for its casual style. Keeping an eye on what’s trending is one thing, but fashion is all about feeling comfortable. Brands like New Look make it possible for us to feel comfortable and look stylish at the same time. Their stylish pieces include cropped tops, skater dresses, denim playsuits, and skinny jeans among other items.

  1. River Island

Photo Credit: Fashionista

We’ve had 60 years to make up our minds about River Island, and we absolutely love this fashion brand. It is not hard to see why with their pieces paying particular emphasis on the curves and flattering angles, River Island designs make a woman feel beautiful and –dare I say it-loved! Fans of the brand will already be acquainted with the 90s inspired designs that Rihanna designed for the brand, but there is a lot more the brand has to offer those who are willing to dig deeper to discover the treasure troves beneath.

  1. Mulberry

Photo Credit: Mulberry

We could not finish our list without a strong, stylish British accessories brand. You cannot get more stylish than Mulberry-and you cannot get more British either. One of the most recognised and loved accessories brands in the world, Mulberry comes with a lot of history-over 40 years of it-and assures a lot of class.

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