Top 5 Intriguing Inexpensive Home Decor Items

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Top 5 Intriguing Home Décor Items

Our personal preferences and lifestyles are always changing. What worked for you yesterday may not work for you today and this is certainly true for your home décor. The good thing is, changing your taste and preferences or better yet just adding to them does not always have to be difficult-or in any case expensive.

If you are looking for a way to spice up your pad without having to feel the pinch in your pocket, then you need not go any further. Our list of the top 5 intriguing home décor items would make a great place to start.

  1. Modern Mute DIY Large Wall Clock Stick $10.40

DIY home decor wall clock

This is a modern look that you are definitely going to enjoy putting up. The numbers are made from non-toxic foam material and can be put together as close or as far apart as you would like.

The whole family could join in the fun setting up the clock in the living room, dining room, game room or pretty much anywhere else you would like.

The best thing about it however, is the price which is nothing compared to the pleasant surprise your friends will experience when they see the giant clock on the wall for the very first time.

2.Studio Sync Lighted Shelf $49.99

DIY home decor wall shelf

These would look even better in the same room with that out-of-this-world wall clock discussed above.

This shelf appears to float against the wall as it mounts flush-meaning there is no space between it and the wall once mounted-giving it a really modern finish.

There are lights too! There are adjustable lights found underneath the counters, and they are activated at the touch of a button. You can easily recharge the shelf via USB cable and a recharge lasts for about 8-10 hours.

3.Portal Bookends by ThinkGeek $33.73

DIY home decor - book portals

Inspired by the Valve Studios puzzler game, Portal, this item has a loyal following among fans of the game, even though it may not appeal to everybody.

That said, it would nicely compliment the Studio Sync Lighted Shelf above. If you are a book worm or just looking to add a little bit of lustre to an old book collection, getting this item would not be a bad idea

4. Globe Whiskey Decanter $69.97

DIY Home Decor Whiskey Stand

If you are into spirits, and are looking for a touch of class, you can do no better than this decanter. No more boring all regular crystal and glass decanters.

This decanter can hold up to 850 ml of spirits, comes with a tight-fitting glass stopper and is entirely handmade, not a bad bargain compared to the prices of other decanters available on the market.

5. Egyptian Chess Set $149.98

DIY Egyptian Chess Set


While we are still on the subject of class, now would be the right moment to introduce the Egyptian Chess Set.

Whether you are a disciple of the game or not, having this in your pad or office or wherever would speak volumes about you and how cultured you appear.

Nothing says smart and cultured in the traditional sense than an antique-looking chess board like this one.


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