Top 5 Reasons to Love Mondays

Why do so many people all over the world regard Monday as the monster of the week? The answer is right here. After a hedonistic weekend of brunch in bed and non-stop fun, it can be an almighty shock to the system to shift gear and get into work mode. Back to pressure, deadlines, awkward clients, fierce bosses, bad office coffee and politics.

But, trust me there are some good reasons to love Mondays.

1 Monday is the new Friday

Who says Monday nights are for hair washing and mindless TV soaps? Bursting at the seams at the weekends, lots of bars and restaurants are deserted wastelands on Mondays and offer hot deals on cocktails, drinks and meals to pull the punters in. Same goes for shows, movies and even massages and hairdos. So check out the deals and give yourself something to look forward to. Make Monday the new Friday!

Reasons to Love Mondays

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2 Detox Mondays

If you overdo it all the way from close of business on Friday to Sunday night, welcome with open arms the opportunity of giving your poor old abused body a Monday detox. Chances are at the weekend, you didn’t get enough sleep or healthy food and you poured way too much alcohol down your throat. Sound familiar? I thought so. So use Mondays to put your body to rights or 5 to 10 years down the line you might have some serious physical wear and tear to deal with. And then you’ll be sorry!

Top 5 Reasons to Love Mondays

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3 Get real

For heaven’s sake, same as age is just a number, so Monday’s just another day of the week. It can’t help being the day after the weekend any more than you can help having blue/brown/green eyes. It really doesn’t rain more often on Mondays, the traffic is actually not any worse, your fellow commuters are no more discourteous than on any other day. It’s all in the mind, your mind in fact. Change your mind, embrace the beginning of the week – it’s a fresh start and it’s much fun as you make it.

Top 5 Reasons to Love Mondays

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4 Mondays pass

If you just can’t bring yourself to love Monday, remember it only lasts for 24 hours. Tuesday is just around the corner, so please don’t make any rash decisions and throw yourself off a bridge and join the ranks of the other Monday suicides. Don’t file for divorce or max out your credit card on retail therapy. Do something nice to stave off the Monday misery.

Reasons to Love Mondays

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5 Monday ain’t the problem

As your alarm pings you awake on Monday mornings, do you regularly catch yourself chanting ‘ugh I hate Mondays’? If you do – and you might not want to hear this – it ain’t Monday that’s the problem. It’s your job. If you loathe going into work that much, you absolutely need to rethink, either your whole career plan or, at least your current workplace. If it’s impossible to do something you really love, do yourself a favour and find something you look forward to getting out of bed for. Life’s too damn short to waste it being miserable. There are plenty of job coaches out there who, for a price would be happy to help you make the transition to a different job.



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