I’m not sure exactly when facial hair stopped being a geeky, nutty professor look and started being super cool but these days, the world over, you’ll hardly see a hipster with a clean-shaven jawline. It’s a global fashion statement. Really!

On the plus side, guys who skip the daily shaving grind get to save 15-20 minutes a day and about enough money to treat themselves to an extra beer once a month. But, hairy guys, here are 6 very good reasons to dust off the razor, shake up the can of shaving foam and buck the beard trend.

  1. The mask

To many of us, a beard is like a mask and we really want to know the man who’s lurking behind it. What are you hiding we’re wondering? It makes us suspicious when we only get to see half a face because the rest of it is covered in a thick bush of wiry hair.

Image Courtesy - Funnypica

Image Courtesy – Funnypica


2. The food trap

Let me tell you, there is absolutely nothing less sexy or more unattractive than a beard with a selection of stale food morsels from your last meal caught in it. Seriously, it’s gross. And are you absolutely sure, there’s nothing else, insects for example, nestling in the warm dark thicket?

Image Courtesy - Explosion dot com

Image Courtesy – Explosion dot com

3. Older and wiser?

Fact: beards make you look older than you really are. Maybe you’re still at that tender age where you want to add on a few years so you’re not turned away from bars or clubs for over 25s. For goodness sake, act your age. Shave the beard and carry ID to prove you’re old enough to be there. And by the way, just about everyone expects older and wiser to go together, so if you’re not one, don’t even think about trying to get away with the other.

4. A beard is…forever

Once you start on this bearded look, it’s nigh on impossible to stop. And I’ll tell you why. You’ve been out and about in sunshine and fresh air so half your face has a nice glowing, bronzed look. One day, you suddenly decide to shave off the beard and what do you find underneath? A sad, pale, pimply chin. In other words you’ll have a two tone face. Not a good look, trust me!


5. The kiss

You might think you look like some kind of hunky sex god with your bushy jawline but have you ever considered the fact that you could be deterring the potential love of your life from getting up close and personal? Well, have you? Finding the lips to kiss in amongst the spiky bristles can feel like mission impossible which only the most determined might be bold enough to attempt. And let’s face it, how many of those are there out there? Take down the scratchy beard barrier and see what happens. It really is possible to have a silky smooth chin and be 100% hot and manly.

Image Courtesy - Nailed Magazine

Image Courtesy – Nailed Magazine

6. Hot or not?

Facial hair makes you hot and I don’t mean sexy hot, I mean temperature hot. And we all know what happens to hot bodies don’t we? They sweat. Rivers of grease coursing down from your brow down your cheeks and into your beard is not a cool look. In fact, it’s a real turn off for most people.



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