3 Cool Mens Gadgets

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Being fashionable is very important in a man’s life. It’s not just a skill to attract the opposite sex but a fashionable guy has better respect in his workplace and he can work his way around in most situations. Since many men are not knowledgeable in fashion, you have a very good chance of standing out. Here are 3 mens gadgets that will give you the best bang for your buck:

#1: Harman Kardon NC Earphones

Harman Kardon NC Earphones: Gadgets for Men

image courtesy: longcarolday

There is no question that many retro items are coming back to the shelves of iconic brands because they are the trend in our time. Rayban’s wayfarers is a very good example for this. Thanks to Justin Bieber, most guys in our time think that putting on a good wayfarer will make him sexy. Unfortunately, wayfarers has sort of become the norm and you need to think about something different.

Harman Kardon is well known for their sound quality, but they are also making a name as a fashionable brand. These new earphones are of exceptional quality and the listening experience is simply mindblowing. Interstingly, the retro styling makes them an incredible hardware to carry around. There are not many fashionable products that are equally functional and this is where the Harman Kardon NC earphones make a difference.

#2: Mophie iPhone 5 Juice Pack Plus

Mophie iPhone 5 Juice Pack Plus: Gadgets for Men

image courtesy: i.ytimg

Nokia’s portable mobile phone charger was a trendsetting device when it was launched but when years passed by and we were hunting for newer products, we came across the Mophie iPhone 5 Juice Pack Plus. In a glance it looks like any other casing for the mighty iPhone 5 – if you are a guy, always invest in an iPhone 5. It’s the ultimate man’s phone in terms of looks.

However, the Juice Pack Plus is not just an iPhone 5 casing but it is armed with a 2200 mAh battery that can boost your phone’s performance by 120%. Now you have an additional 50 hours of audio playback which is good enough to roam around with your iPhone without an additional charger.

#3: Trakdot Luggage Tracker

Trakdot Luggage Tracker: Gadgets for Men

image courtesy: buymanthings

What’s the most frustrating experience in a man’s life? It is misplacing or forgetting his luggage and wondering what’s gone. For many of you it may be a nightmare that never came true but once you start travelling frequently, things like this can be a norm in your life. The simplest way to stay safe is not leaving any valuables and important documents in your baggage but carrying them in your handbag. However, it is a nice idea to reassure that your travel luaggage will land with you wherever you go.

This is where the Trakdot Luggage Tracker can be a tremendous help. You can pair your Trakdot with your mobile phone and the advanced GPS system tracks your baggage’s movements. Even if you miss it for a while, you will still get an idea what’s happening to your luggage and this ensures great peace of mind.



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