Top Ten UK Turntablists

Top UK Turntablists

Following the growth of the standards and stature of music, it is essential to take note of some of the leading United Kingdom turntablists shaping the world of music today. The following list of DJs or Turntablists is compiled with the main aim of showing you the various artists existing as professionals in the field of scratch music. However, this collection may fail to mention some prominent artists such as Skully. The list is merely a starting point contrary to what many readers may expect.  For the elderly, it offers a perfect trip across history, remembering the great musical times of back in the day and for the youthful generation, it offers an advanced reference to the current trends of the genres of music

  1. DJ Woody

Creativity and originality clearly explain the status of Woody’s battle sets. In my opinion, by winning the 2004 World Vestax set, DJ Woody formed the greatest turntablists battle sets ever to be witnessed. What clearly captivated my mind and engulfed most of my attentions are the innovative methods and ideas that are both technically impressive and musically funky. It is critical to mention that there are so many important aspects that exist in the set. However, in a nutshell, the music portrayed tells the tale of a DJ that ensures proper development of his skills as well as establishing a unique and catchy trademark.

  1. 2tall

Like Woody, 2tall is a turntablist possessing unique and original approaches towards performing his craft. 2tall is well known for employing various methods such as the use of left or centre records, a large loop pedal, using a combination of hip hop and scratch music and lastly, his tracks contain high levels of originality. For those debut fans of this genre of music, you will find that 2tall’s method of facing constructing routines as a huge source of inspiration and pride. Currently, the great 2tall has since taken time away from the world of scratch music. He has however made comebacks working for clubs in the United Kingdom under the name of Om Unit.

  1. Blakey

This DJ might not possess the most special battle plan or routine that can be said to match the tests of time. Despite this, Blakey’s 2004 DMC set stands out as a well laid out and crafted a battle plan. Both the composition and the transitional periods are excellent, and most artists try to emulate this game in their tracks or records. To add more to this, Blakey is highly talented and original. For example, in his Dizzee Rascal routine, he goes ahead to overturn one of the turntable platters and uses it as a source of feedback meant for the needle. The artist portrays excellence and high levels of intelligent by performing such a drastic and highly unexpected move. This strategy has before this never been attempted, and it complements the flow of the music appropriately, if not perfectly.

  1. Muzzell

The DJ has also produced some all-time leading records such as the 2005 DMC routine. The album, in my opinion, can be ranked same as Woody’s in all-time leading methods. While listening to Muzzell’s scratch music, some of the important aspects of note are super tight juggles and mixes that are tricky. More to this, the artist like most others mentioned here portrays high levels of originality and intelligence, factors that exist in his records or tracks.

  1. Anja Schneider

The first female to make this list has received various accolades for her continued excellence in the world of scratch music. Anja is one of the few female artists in the United Kingdom to have worked with multiple parties of the music and electronic scene. It is interesting to learn that she perfected the art of being a DJ while working in a radio station. Eventually through her hard work and tenacity, Anja spawned Mobile Records through her show called ‘Dance Under The Blue Moon’.

  1. Mr Thing

The artist is not new to the world of turntables and scratch music. He has won various battle competitions as a solo artist and with the group The Scratch Perverts. However, what separates him from other artists is his apt application of turntablist methods into his marvellous DJ sets and records. Experts argue that he is the best, all round DJ that the United Kingdom has produced in a long time. You only need to see how much impact he has in a club so as to further understand the magnitude and essence of his routine.

  1. Tigerstyle

The DJ is a three-time world champion and a highly influential turntablist in the United Kingdom. Tigerstyle is a legend and very few professionals in the field of Scratch Music would fail to mention him while talking about the world’s greats. He has a ridiculous back catalogue routine that is also highly innovative, inventive, and technical. One of his biggest achievements was back in 2003 through his mixer feedback method.

  1. Buddy Peace

There is an enormous amount of skills can be learned from the life of Buddy with regards to scratch music. The artist is neither a battle DJ nor is he the most technical scratcher in the world. However, regarding combinations, he stands out from the rest. Regarding implementing his cuts, the artist is straight forward, super funky, and precise.

  1. Allison Wonderland

The second female DJ comes in the form of a young woman in the name of Allison Wonderland. The female artist has gone through extreme conditions to attain the levels of excellence which she currently enjoys. Back in 2015, she became first in the Dance/Electronic Albums category. In addition to this, the leading track from the album entitled ‘I Want U’ has gathered plays totaling to about three million on SoundCloud and a further six million on Spotify.

  1. Steve Aoki

Although the artist closes down this list, it is in no doubt whatsoever that Steve is one of the leading DJs in the world today. Back in 2012, the Pollstar classified him as the highest grossing artist in the genre of dance music. This is from the tours made in North America. In addition to this, he has worked with famous producers and vocalists including, Afrojack, and LMFAO among many others.


The world of music is drastically changing and as such music lover need to familiarise themselves with all genres that pertain to it. In the United Kingdom, turntablists over the recent times have turned out to be quite popular. Therefore, for those who may wish to know more about the various artists who exist here, the above list tends to meet these credentials.


Considering that most people are not fully acquainted with scratch music, what would be the most appropriate way of marketing the genre? Who would form your target audience?



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