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Every once in a while we feel that urge to move out. It’s never anything serious, just a desire for a change of scenery.

These urges can come at any time of the month too; and often do so when you may not be fully (read financially) prepared to take a full blown holiday. Even the odd weekend out can prove costly if you think about it.

There are some places however; that can guarantee you a great time without digging too deep into your pocket-and these are what this list is all about. These places abound in the UK, but we have chosen the very best only. This is our list of the UK’s top 10 budget trip destinations!


York: Top UK Budget Destination

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One of the oldest towns in the UK, old York has a host of attractions to offer anyone who visits. If nothing else you can feel a sense of stepping back in history, given that the city has had a central role in a several political events of note that go as far back as ancient times when some Roman emperors ruled the empire from there.

Among its many attractions is the famous York Minster, one of the oldest cathedrals in Northern Europe.

Accommodation is easily within reach at any time of the year. For 30 pounds a night you can get bed and breakfast accommodation at James College. The college moniker is misleading-there are green lawns and rivers that provide quite a sight for those who visit.

There are plenty of places where you can get quality food as well. The Hairy Fig claims to produce the finest pork pies in the land; a claim you can afford to test given that pies cost only 1.30 pounds a pop. For about 5 pounds you can get steak and chips from Cafe No.8 Bistro.

York is a holiday destination for millions from around the world every year, no matter their means and budget.


Brighton: UK Budget Vacation Destination

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What’s not to like about a seaside town? Brighton provides a lot of entertainment absolutely free of charge! You could take a much deserved rest and lay back on the beach, or take a leisurely walk among some of the 98 Gardens and parks it is renowned for. You can immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural and arts scene, the loud music, even as you peruse the quirky shops. Or you could take a walk along the Sussex countryside, if you like.

If you are not for the outdoors, or if the weather does not permit, you still have a lot available to you indoors. There is the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery to explore, as well as the Brighton Fishing Museum.

For accommodation, things get even better. There are many quality hotels in Brighton that offer family rooms for 125 pounds that accommodate up to 5 people. There are also self-catering accommodation services that cost only 29 pounds a night, and come with comfortable rooms, chalets and stunning sea views.

The food is something to consider as well. Fans of curry can walk into Planet India for a truly delightful time for the bargain price of 4.5 pounds.

Brighton is a tourist destination to over 8.5 million people from around the world, and has been called “the happiest place to live in the UK”.


Bth: Uk Top budget Destination

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When a particular location gets designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is because it is garnering attention for all the right reasons. Bath is truly a unique location: beautiful, stylish, creative in the truly modern sense, but without losing any of the stately old feeling and vibe which it has become known for. Bath is an old town after all, the only one in the UK where you can indulge yourself in real Roman baths and naturally hot spa water. The Romans opened the town of bath in AD 60 specifically to enjoy the naturally occurring hot water.

The spa is not all Bath is known for though. You can lose yourself in its many cultural establishments, theatres and museums, as well as hitch along for one of their well-known two-for-one city tours which are a treasure trove of information and easy on the pocket.

Accommodation is within reach for those on a budget; given that Bath is a university town. A standard room costs about 30 pounds per person. If you would rather not go down that route you could stay at an inn or a farm. The rate for a farmhouse bed and breakfast is closer to 60 pounds for two people sharing.

Best of British offers a delicious opportunity to savour sumptuous, healthy organic food without having to worry about the cost. A gourmet sandwich costs 2.50 pounds, while a slice of quiche comes at 3.25 pounds.


Belfast: UK Top Budget Trip

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A small city, but by all means a mighty one-Belfast is a great place for a weekend break or short holiday. It is the heart of the tobacco industry, the Irish linen industry, an engineering hub in its own right and a rapidly expanding production center. Harland and Wolff, at one time the biggest and most productive shipyard in the world, are here based; they also hold the dubious honour of building the most famous ship in history, the ill-fated HMS Titanic.

Over the years Belfast has grown into a cosmopolis, offering a number of sights and activities to visitors. You could go visit Ulster Folk Museum, or the well-known Belfast Cathedral, for example. However, if you would just like to party, Belfast has a vibrant club and party scene that deserves exploring.

For accommodation you can head over to Ibis Belfast Queens Quarter which offers room at 50 pounds for two people. The location of this 3-star hotel is ideal, situated just a few minutes from the heart of the city.

In Belfast, you can Build a Burgerliterally! At Build a Burger for 5 pounds you get a choice of four buns, four patties and several toppings with which you can build your burger. And this comes with chips too!

For the more health conscious, John Hewitt Bar offers sumptuous food served up in a classic pub atmosphere. Food falls in the range of 5 to 8 pounds.

5. Norfolk

Norfolk: UK Top Budget Destination

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Nature reserves, interesting wildlife, market hubs, seaside resorts and a clear coastline-Norfolk has everything needed for a resort town or tourist destination. This only serves to make it even more amazing that things are so affordable.

For accommodation you can head over to The Travelodge Great Yarmouth Acle which offers decent lodging for 30 pounds a night. If you prefer a more quiet setting than that which The Travelodge Great Yarmouth Acle offers you can go for the four bedroom cottages in North Norfolk which cost 225 pounds a week-just over 10 per person per night.

For food you can head over to The Artichoke, “a quiet, rural, free-house pub” as they describe themselves on their website. They are known for great food, and a soup starter will set you back only 3 pounds. The specialty, however, is lamb’s liver, sausage, bacons, with mushrooms and sauté onions which costs 9.95 pounds. A little bit on the steep side, but the food you get is so plentiful it makes you want to share.


Cornwall: UK Top Budget Destination

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When people hear of Cornwall they think of fishing, water sports and surfing-and for good reason-Cornwall boasts about 300 miles of coastline, and delightfully clear water.

But that’s not all. Landlubbers need not feel left behind. Heartland Amusement Park is the place to be whenever in Cornwall-and it’s free! There are other amusement parks like Falmouth Art Gallery, The Camel Trail and Roskilly’s Ice Cream Farm which are available for visits absolutely free of charge.

For accommodation you should keep an eye out for several cottages littered throughout Cornwall. Tideway is one the best on offer; and even though it is one of the more expensive ones, you can get accommodation at 30 pounds per person.

For your culinary needs you can rely on Porthmeor Beach Café. They lay a lot of emphasis on breakfasts, ensuring an unending stream of baked bread, scrambled eggs, bacon and pancakes. They lunch menu is equally mouth-watering, and offers grilled fish, chips, vegetables and an impressive array of tapas. None of these cost up to 10 pounds.

Another option you might want to check out is Relish found in Wadebridge. Within its doors you can expect homemade soup with bread, Thai cakes and dipping sauce, and also salads.

7. Dorset

Dorset: UK Top Budget Location

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Another town that is very old and lavished with a long and rich tradition. Dorset has known settlers since pre-Roman times when Celtic settlements were set up. The Romans later on moved in when they conquered all before them, and in the 7th century the Saxons had a go. UNESCO has marked out this area as a World Heritage Site because of it 200 million year old shoreline. Its idyllic countryside is one of the most beautiful scenes in the UK and has led to Dorset being described as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

For accommodation it’s all about timing. Sometimes the conventional wisdom that to book early is to save money does not always apply. In Dorset, if you take a chance and book at the last minute, it could prove worth your while. Booking in the nick of time might find you spending the night at a 4 star hotel for a mere 20 pounds a night! Often, this is on the condition that you have to spend at least four nights in then hotel, but at that price who is complaining?

For food you can head over to Town Mill Bakery for freshly prepared food at just 5.75 pounds. There is a palpable informal air about the place too. For example, they don’t do plates. You simply collect a breadboard and help yourself to toast, muesli eggs or pizza. After this you can settle down to your meal in a converted boatyard shed. Eating just got a whole new look.


Pembrokeshire: UK Top Budget Location

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Pembrokeshire is one of the most popular coastal destinations in Wales and boasts among its many attractions, The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park-the only of its kind in the entire UK. People usually visit for one or more of the numerous beaches available however, making Pembrokeshire one of the most compelling options for a budget beach holiday.

Accommodation is well within reach. 25 pounds will get you into the comfortable 3 star Springwell Inn which is located opposite Pendine beach and serves breakfast, lunch and supper at its Welsh Cottage Pub.

For group gatherings you could go for an even cheaper deal. Bunkers Self Catering is available for 20 pounds per person and prides itself as perfect for Hen and Stag parties.

For Thai-style fish cakes, linguine pasta and roasted vegetable sauce, you can head over to The Sound Café. Breakfast starts at 1.50 pound.

9.The Peak District

The Peak District: Top UK Budget Destination

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Surprisingly, the Peak District is not reserved for the wealthy only. There is a lot that lies within your reach even if you are on a budget. For example you could take a walk along Monsal Trail, or go cycling around the Rudyard Lake which has been described by some as one of themost beautiful places in England since its creation at the close of the 18th Century as a reservoir for the Caldon and Trent and Mersey Canals. Rudyard Lake is also a fun spot for mini boat cruises, rowing, fishing, and swimming.

You can find a comfortable place to sleep at the Pinewood Cottage in Ashover, located on the outskirts of the Peak District. It is ideal for group and family setups and costs 130 pounds for the week. The fact that it is not far from the local pubs, allows pets, boasts of a garden, a pond and a waterfall, make that price a bargain.

Getting food at the right price is all about knowing where to look. However, Village Green offers breakfast at 2.70 pounds, while jacket potatoes, pies and sandwiches can be gotten at 2.60 pounds.


Liverpool: Budget Destination

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Many people know Liverpool for it illustrious football club. But the town itself has a lot to offer and a rich history to share. From the World Museum to the Cavern Club which used to host The Beatles, there is a lot to discover in this city that is almost a thousand years old. There is also a rich musical heritage to get acquainted with: Liverpool has produced more number 1 singles than any other city in the world-reason why Guinness named it, The Capital City of Pop.

For accommodation you can find somewhere for anywhere between 30 pounds and 90 pounds. But better bargains can be gotten if you go for cottages and guesthouses. A holiday cottage that can accommodate seven would cost 80 pounds per night.

You can get a sandwich at most pubs for 3.95 pounds, fries and a drink for 4.95 pounds. Full meals will cost a little bit more.



Do you know of any other place that should have made our list? Drop us a comment below!



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