UK’s Top 10: Companies You Want to Work With

UK Companies that are great to work for

When it comes to choosing a place to work, nothing beats a setting that allows you to live your life at the same time. If there is one thing which most people will agree on, it’s that your work should not be the be all and end all of your life.

UK’s Top 10 Companies

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If only that were true in real life.

More often than not we find ourselves in grinders that consume our time to the point where there is barely any left for family or down time.

Some companies in the UK are bucking that trend, however. There are great places that offer the chance at a great work/life balance and for your convenience they are enlisted here below.

In ascending order, here is our list of the UK’s top 10 companies with a flexible work life.

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  1. Pentland

Employee rating of work/life balance for Petland:  4.4 **

Branded by some employees as a “A great innovative caring company”- Petland is a company that truly cares for its employees. Apart from the swimming pool, gym and great restaurant that exist at the London office, there are other perks that are thrown into the deal for staff such as 50% discounts, the presence of a staff shop, contributory pensions and a great office environment. Pentland holds ownership of several clothing brands such as Boxfresh, Hunter, Speedo, Berghuas and Ellesse.

  1. Swiss Re

Employee rating of work/life balance for Swiss Re: 4.5 **

An interesting thing to take note about Swiss Re is the location. This company is located in the famous Gherking building which is one of the most famous modern landmarks of the old city. Some employees have chipped in to say that the company offers “Work life balance and good bonus”, and it’s not hard to see why: Excellent work/life balance, good insurance coverage and excellent bonuses are just a few of the things that these reinsurance giant has to offer its employees.

  1. Aspire

Employee rating of work/life balance for Aspire: 4.5 **

Employee sentiments here are vastly positive as “with flexible working hours you can maintain a good work life balance”. Things that stand out for most people who work here are the career progression opportunities available to employees, the working environment, the attitude of management and the benefit packages. If you don’t mind free massages, then the social package is another great reason to join this company that deals with digital tools, media and marketing recruitment.


Employee rating of work/life balance for 4.5 **

According to an employee, “The company is flexible on working hours, which makes it far easier to manage things like personal appointments”. One of the best things about this company is the working environment, and the support and encouragement given to employees to learn new skills. There are also international travel opportunities for those who work for this smart accounting firm. offers a cloud based accounting system.

  1. Holiday Extras

Employee rating of work/life balance for Holiday Extras: 4.6 **

According to an employee, “The flexible working is fantastic, and home life always comes first. The office is laid back but everyone works hard, just as it should be.” Holiday Extras is built around a very driven creative working environment that encourages people to think up personalised solutions to any problem they may encounter. Employees are supported every step of the way along their journey. If you are one for a family vibe among co-workers and the feeling of being an essential part of the system, then this company that offers pre-booking at airport hotels and parking is an ideal place for you.

  1. Equal Experts

Employee rating of work/life balance for Equal Experts came in at 4.6 **

As one employee put it, “Equal Experts gives the freedom of being a freelance contractor along with a strong support for other Equal Experts colleagues who share similar values”. The flexible work days are a major attraction for this company, along with the chance to work with other people who are really great at what they do, and a great pay package. There is competitive compensation, and it is really easy to get in touch with someone should you have a problem. Equal Experts provides custom software.

  1. Unibet

Employee rating of work/life balance for Unibet came in at 4.6 **

Employees testify to the “Excellent work-life balance”. There are many benefits that come with working at Unibet some of which include the chance for career progression, nice benefits for employees, useful training, and of course great work/life balance. Unibet offers online gambling and betting as its services.

  1. MediaMath

Employee rating of work/life balance for MediaMath came in at 4.6 **

According to employees of the company, “MediaMath promotes work-life balance. There are great benefits like flexible work hours, free food, company drinks and team building.” The work environment is an open one that still manages to remain professional; offering every chance and tool necessary for employees to do their jobs well. Mediamath offers marketing technology to its clients.

  1. Bank of England

Employee rating of work/life balance came in at 4.6 **

As one employee of England’s central bank put it, there are “excellent secondment opportunities, very easy to take time off”. The Bank of England offers a great learning experience if you happen to be coming straight out of college or university, as you get the chance to work with some really smart people. There is a lot of training available to add to employee repertoire, as well as social amenities such as a gym and a canteen.

  1. Euromonitor International

Employee rating of work/life balance for Euromonitor International: 4.6 **

Some employees say the company offers “great potential for success and evolution within the company; healthy work-life balance”. The availability of flexible hours and the chance to work with some really talented people both internally and across diverse sectors and geographical locations are some of the many perks of working with Euromonitor International which offers market research and intelligence.

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