UK’s Top 10 Thanksgiving Dishes

turkey thanksgiving dish

UK’s Top 10 Thanksgiving Dishes

I know the title is a little confusing-after all, Thanksgiving is an American holiday-but in our increasing globalised world, this is not the only holiday to have crossed the pond.

First celebrated in 1621, by the pilgrims after their first harvest in the brave new world, a study has revealed that one in six Brits now celebrate the holiday.

As with any holiday you can expect the table-centred shopping spree. However, if you are in the UK and are not quite sure about what to get to make the perfect Thanksgiving dinner, you need not worry: we went ahead to compile the UK’s top 10 Thanksgiving dishes guaranteed to keep the sentiments high all through dinner.


turkey thanksgiving dish

Photo Credit: BBC Good Food

The undisputed king of the Thanksgiving dinner table no matter where you happen to be celebrating it, turkey takes time and effort to make. Contrary to popular belief, this bird was not chosen for any culinary reason like a delightful taste, but for its size which enabled feeding several people. Those were lean times, harvest or not.

In any case, several recipes exist that will guarantee a sumptuous taste along with possibility of feeding all your invited guests.

In the absence of turkey for your centrepiece you can go for a not too distant equivalent such as duck, ham, or even goose

2. Stuffing/Dressing (Or Filling)

stuffing thanksgiving dish

Photo Credit: AllRecipes

Some people firmly believe that a proper Thanksgiving meal is all about the stuffing. To each his own. However, you can never overlook the universal appeal of having a bowl of it sitting conspicuously on the table.

There is no set way to go about making stuffing, most people just go with what their mothers made (Mom’s cooking is always the best, right?). But if you happen to be stumped, you need not worry: several delectable recipes abound for the perfect Thanksgiving stuffing.

3.Mashed Potatoes

mashed potatoes thanksgiving

Photo Credit: Food Network

There are many ways to go about setting up your mashed potatoes. The name itself leaves nothing to the imagination about the mode of preparation: mash up them boiled potatoes!

The hard part is in deciding where it is going to fit in your spread. Some people make it into a king-sized bed for the turkey; others sculpt it into a bowl for the gravy. While others, well, they see no need to embellish a good thing and leave it just as it is, lying in a bowl for those who need it.

Frozen and dehydrated potatoes are available in supermarkets but since special occasions call for special measures, lots of Thanksgiving mashed potatoes recipes are available to you.


gray thanksgiving dish

Photo Credit: BBC Food

Gravy is easily the most sought after dish on the Thanksgiving dinner table. And with good reason too: If turkey is the centrepiece, then gravy is the spice that makes it all worthwhile. If you’ve ever eaten it before, you will know that turkey may look like it but it does not taste like chicken.

Like all great things, making gravy can get complicated. But it can be simple too! Take your time in finding out some simple but really great gravy recipes to bring your dinner together.

5.Corn Bread

corn bread thanksgiving

Photo Credit: Betty Crocker

Corn bread provides the perfect blend between sweet and savoury-it’s not just bread! At least that is the reason behind the majority consensus that corn bread remains the best among all the bread brands that can go on a Thanksgiving table, and that includes bread rolls and biscuits.

There are several recipes for this piece that can serve as a compliment for practically any soup you can think of. It’s also a great option for those who happen to be vegetarian.

6.Mac and Cheese

mac and cheese thanksgiving dish

Photo Credit: Taste of Home

Say what you want, but on Thanksgiving day Mac and Cheese come back with a bang. Some choose not to indulge but the majority stick to this old Thanksgiving staple. Reports of any leftovers are more often than not highly exaggerated.

For homemade mac and cheese you can use jalapenos and pancetta, or you can go with several other recipes.

7.Cranberry Sauce

cranberry sauce thanksgiving

Photo Credit: The Food Network

This meal, along with sweet potatoes topped with marshmallows, is synonymous with the Thanksgiving table. Admittedly, not everyone is a fan, but you would be hard pressed to walk across a UK Thanksgiving table without seeing the red shine hanging around somewhere.

There are several recipes that you can choose from for your table.

8.Green Bean Casserole

green bean casserole thanksgiving recipe

Photo Credit: The Campbell Soup Company

Created in the fifties by the Campbell Soup Company to serve as the ultimate comfort meal, this humble meal has gone on to achieve legendary status. Green Bean Casserole is about the only meal that achieves the improbable: making green beans fun to it!

If that does not leave you impressed, then check out its place among the National Inventor’s Hall of Fame.

Recipes abound, or you can go ahead and stick with the original. Having this meal on your Thanksgiving table is always a plus.

9.Sweet Potatoes and Marshmallows

sweet potatoes and marshmallows thanksgiving reciepe

Photo Credit: Foodfolio

A Thanksgiving staple, no matter which side of the pond you happen to find yourself, sweet potatoes and marshmallows are simply a must for your table.

Although the several health benefits of the potatoes are practically put to bed by the marshmallows, you can take comfort in them as you go forward. Some people serve them as candied sweet potatoes, while others rely solely on the marshmallows. However, you can go your own route, choosing whatever recipe catches your fancy.


pie thanksgiving recipe

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Some go with Pecan, some go with apples, but the most delightful, and all-round favourite, has always been pumpkin pie. Pies are the reason we go on, the faint light at the end of the tunnel, the reason why we keep space, the grand finale.

If you are going to go down the route of saving the best for last (as you should) then you have to make your pies something special. Luckily, there are a few recipes available to help you with that.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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