UK Top 10 Budget Airlines 2016

UK Top 10 Budget Airlines 2016

The holiday season is perhaps the most exciting time to take on travel. Your much needed rest takes on an extra air of magic around this time of year. Considering that the UK boasts the third largest aviation network in the world after the US and China, there is something for everybody. That means even if you are strapped tight to a budget that should not prevent you from making your dream vacation a reality. The UK boasts lots of low budget flight options, the very best of which are presented here. Look through our list of the UK’s top 10 budget airlines this year 2016 and make that dream vacation for you-and possibly your family-happen.

  1. Easyjet

Easyjet: Low Cost Travel

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Easyjet has made a reputation for itself worldwide for its staunch adhesion to its belief in the value of low cost travel. They don’t offer a separate business class and have no plans in the works to do so, but do make the effort to develop their service to entice high end travellers and customers. According to Chief Executive Officer, Carolyn McCall, “I think there’s absolutely no danger, especially in the current environment, that we will lose our low-cost DNA.”

If you are dreaming of a short sojourn to the old continent, or fantasizing about taking a leisurely walk in the sun along golden sandy beaches, Easyjet is a budget airline in the UK which you might want to look at.

  1. Norwegian Air

Norwegian Air: Budget Air Travel

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Norwegian is part of a new breed of low-cost carriers that are breaking the mould by sheer daring and innovation that allows them to do more, travel longer, and offer better deals. As a general rule, low cost or budget flights don’t offer flights longer than 5 or 6 hours, but by employing new fuel efficient aircraft such as the Dreamliner 787, airlines like Norwegian are able to handle much longer flights without losing track of their low-cot offering. Nowadays it’s not unusual to get a free meal in the bargain-something that is completely new to the playbook.

If you are looking to check into distant locations like Boston and Los Angeles for a holiday, then Norwegian is a budget airline worth taking a look at.

  1. Monarch Airlines

Monarch Airlines: Budget Airlines

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Monarch presents a cheap option to over 30 holiday destinations. Whether you are looking for a warm getaway in idyllic locations along the Mediterranean, faraway destinations like Egypt, or snowy sojourns in Europe, Monarch has a low cost option that travellers can look forward to.  One of the most exciting things about Monarch is the holiday package that allows seat prices to dip even further for several of the best holiday locations such as Lisbon, Mallorca, and Faro.

Guests who are in search of experience in the travel industry that has remained untainted over time by the allure of higher charges and resultant profits, are going to feel right at home with this budget airline.

  1. Finnair

Finnair: Budget International Travel

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Finnair was established in 1923, making it one of the oldest airlines in the world. When in 2012 news filtered across the grapevine that plans were underway to offer low cost or budget travelling services, many shook their heads in pessimism but the airlines not only went ahead to prove naysayers wrong, they have never looked back since! With Finnair you are connected to over 90 destinations in and around Europe and Asia, as well as the sort of great service that can only be born of years of experience at the very forefront of the industry.

  1. STA Travels

STA Travels: Budget Travel for Students

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Student Travel Specialists come up with great deals during the holiday periods. They are open to all ages too, and not only to students. If you are in search of a great bargain that will leave plenty over to celebrate with during these holidays then you need not look any further. Deals can be gotten between for trips to Dubai, Asia and the US.

Even during the travel off-season, with STA would-be travellers can find budget flights, adventure tours and a host of travel options that will not require you to break the bank.

  1. Thomson Airways Limited

Thomson Airways Limited: Budget Airlines

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Founded in 1962, Thomson Airways is another airline that is focused on making travel as affordable and far-reaching as possible. They are recognised worldwide as the world’s best charter airline, and also as they world’s best leisure airline.

Thomson Airways has a record for excellence that very few can match. Their economy accommodations are worth taking a look, promising comfortable seats with large space and leg room as well as better recline and greater comfort for night travellers.

  1. Scoot

Scoot: Low Cost Plane Travel

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An airline that puts excellence at the heart of low cost travelling, Scoot is taking the budget airline industry by storm. Unlike most budget airlines that only offer short haul journeys, Scoot is making use of fuel efficient aircraft to offer low cost journeys of up to 8 hours or more in length.

Expect great service and a lively atmosphere-Scootitude- whenever this airline is concerned.

If you are in the mood for something fresh, spontaneous, or are just feeling young at heart maybe because of the thrill of travelling, then Scoot is one budget airline in the UK that should top your list.

  1. FlyBe

FlyBe: Low Cost Travel

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FlyBe, founded in 1979, is a low cost option that connects you to over 65 destinations in Europe alone. If you are thinking of a low budget trip to the Old Continent then this airline has a lot to offer, with stellar service, and a multitude of travel options to choose from. Major destinations you can look forward to choosing from include: Spain, Austria, France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Finland, Denmark and Sweden among others.

A great option for the thrifty traveller!

  1. Jet2

Jet2: Low Cost Airlines

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Founded in 2002, Jet2 offers low cost flights from seven UK airports: Belfast International, Leeds Bradford, East Midlands, Edinburg, Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle. Their tagline: Friendly Low Fares-and this holds true for over 50 city, ski, and sunny destinations. Certain offers from Jet2 place them at the top of the pack among UK airlines: great flight times, diverse range of destinations, 22Kg baggage allowance, and online reservation of seats.

Travellers working on a budget can be sure of proper service with this low cost travel airline.

  1. Aurigny

Aurigny: Low Cost Airlines

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Aurigny offers low cost flights to certain destinations. Founded in 1968, they come with lots of experience, and this is evident with the services offered. There are not many destinations served here, making it the preferred option for those who are not looking to travel to exotic places. Travellers making short business trips make up a significant portion of their clientele

That notwithstanding, Aurigny presents a sure option for the travellers looking for budget airlines in the UK.

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